Gettin' Toasty #147

President's Distinguished Club 2011 - 2012

What Our Members Are Saying

Sherman Oaks Toastmasters Club, Gettin' Toasty #147, is a very dynamic and energetic club. Here's how being a Toastmaster has impacted the lives of our club members.

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I avoided public speaking for years because of my enormous fear of standing before a group and stringing together a cohesive sentence. That all changed when four years ago my daughter 'dragged' me along to a meeting to support her.

Despite my early tentative attempts at Table Topics and the first few speeches, and with encouragement from supportive and instructive members, I have found Toastmasters to be a tremendous personal growth experience. The path to success is pathed with good instructional materials, supportive fellow club members, and friendship.

Toastmasters has also provided me with leadership skills that are the great 'bonus' of the Toastmasters' experience. Speak in front of a group, and you are a leader. It is that simple.

Paul Harris — ACB CL
Past Club President 2014

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Besides being the best place ever to practice any form of public speaking in front of a supportive, well meaning audience of fellow Toastmasters, our club offers one the opportunity to benefit in multiple ways. Inspiring, interesting and informative speeches and evaluations by like-minded individuals can trigger a turning point making this an invaluable investment in you.

Besides the fun environment, mentorship and friendly support are a big part of this high value, low cost opportunity. There are no barriers to entry and you will discover a genuine chance to significantly improve your communications skills, while being entertained by people just like you. Emerging as a more confident 'you' is imminent after a very short while.

Gordon Myers — ACB

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I've been a speaker on panels for years, and my confidence when bantering off fellow panelists is through the roof. I am confident and funny and have no issues. However, when I decided to take my speaking career to the next level I knew I needed help. The thought of being in front of a group of people staring at just me, and knowing how to create a solid speech, was almost terrifying. After one week of Toastmasters I felt comfortable enough to get up and do my first speech ever, and I get up now as often as possible. The group is encouraging, but the feedback is also spot on. I felt myself improve dramatically in both structure, storytelling, and humor from speech 1 to 3 and I look forward to getting up there again and again. It's such a safe place to learn and grow in the craft of speaking. My goal is that within one year of joining Toastmasters, I will be giving keynotes to audiences of hundreds, maybe even thousands.

Jenn Page—Film & TV Director

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Since I graduated from college, I always wanted to join Toastmasters. I kept on putting it off and putting it off until a few years later I saw it posted on

I have to say, it's been a great experience so far and I wonder why I didn't join Toastmasters much sooner. I've learned a lot about presentation skills that will last me for a lifetime.

I joined in 2014 and will happily complete my goal of getting my CC and CL at the end of this year.

Tara Gipson—TV Reporter/Entrepreneur