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Setting Goals

Successful people focus on what they want to achieve. They know what they want, and they devise ways to get it. The secret to their success is their ability to set and achieve specific goals. The ability to set clear goals and to develop a plan for accomplishing those goals is the key to improving communication and leadership skills.

  • A goal is a specific objective you would like to achieve
  • A plan is the blueprint for achieving those

Goals should not be grand or complex. Each of your goals should be SMART:

Specific – It clearly states what must happen.

Measurable – Results can be easily validating

Action-oriented – It begins with the word “to”, followed by a verb.

Realistic – It is challenging, yet achievable.

Time-Bound – It contains a timetable for achievement.



New Member desires to speak once a month.

Goal: To complete a Competent Communicator award (which requires 10 speeches) in 10 months


A new member would set a goal to complete their Competent Communicator Award. This requires 10 speeches. The new member should speak with the Vice President Education (VPE) about scheduling and their mentor to assist them with setting the goal.


Follow These Steps:

  1. Communicate your goal to your Mentor and the Club
  2. Schedule 1 presentation per month for 10 months (watch out for holidays).
  3. In the back of the Competent Communicator manual, start a list of topics that you would like to speak Things that you like, love or want to learn about.
  4. Prepare Project 1 – The Ice Breaker Speech (4-6 minutes about you).
  5. Continue to prepare and present Projects 2-10 until goal has been
  6. Set the next