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Meeting Role Scripts

The Standard Key Roles which members sign up for at various meetings are at the heart of the education at Toastmasters International. Those roles are:

  • Toastmaster
  • Table Topics Master
  • Ah Counter/Grammarian
  • Timer/Ballot Counter
  • General Evaluator
  • Speaker
  • Evaluator

At Gettin’ Toasty Club #147, we have created additional roles for the purpose of having variety in our weekly meetings. Our additional roles include:

  • Opening Thought – every meeting
  • Host/Greeter – every meeting
  • Tutor Master – rotating
  • Debate Pro and Con – rotating
  • Interviewer / Interviewee – rotating
  • Improv Master  – rotating

Below please find scripts that we have created to serve as Guides for the various roles.  The guides are not official documents provided by Toastmasters International, but are instead put together by club members as a way to facilitate training, practical tips, and creativity in the roles.

If you are serving in a role and need guidance, please download the related script.  Keep in mind that you do not have to follow exactly what is written, but these are intended to be in line with standard protocols at our club, TM #147.

For the role of Toastmaster and any others for which there is not yet a script listed here, please see the Toastmasters International “Many Hats” manual which contains general information on all of the standard roles.

A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats 1167DT

This material may freely be used by any Toastmasters club per the standard practice of clubs sharing this type of information. The material is protected under automatic copyright and is the property of Toastmasters International.